What I do


Corporate, commercial and marketing clients come to me to write the words that will sell their products, services, and ethos because they understand the difference a skilled wordsmith makes.

Words are powerful. I know how to use them in ways that will give you measurable results by persuading your target reader to do something.

So what would you like to make happen?

Charities and non-profits

As a non-profit organisation, you sell ideas, emotions, causes, stories, all with a definitive outcome in mind — to encourage positive change that will benefit others.

Third-sector organisations make up the vast majority of my clients and for good reason. Come and find out why I’m the perfect choice of copywriter for your charity.

small businesses

When you’re a small team or a one-man-band, writing about your business is not always easy. What are the words that will make a real difference, to your sales, to your brand? What will make you stand out?

Employing a professional copywriter is one of the best marketing decisions you can make and by making use of my independent, freelance status and flexible packages of support, it doesn’t need to cost as much as you might think.

collaboration with agencies

As well as working directly with my own clients, I work closely with a number of great agencies, adding a touch of extra skill and flair to their projects and boosting their reputation.

If you represent a marketing, PR, graphic design, web development or other creative agency, I can offer you the experience and writing skills that could help you deliver something extra special.

web content writing

Is your website lacking some oomph? I can fill your web pages with exceptional, readable content, or edit what’s already there, all tailored to your business and what you need your website to achieve.

What’s more, I can write in a way that’s Search Engine Optimised – designed to work with the way Google looks at websites and make your service more visible online.


Blogs are one of the best ways of building a relationship with your target market longer-term: a dynamic, steady stream of new, interesting information that doesn’t just draw a reader’s attention, but sustains it. But good blog writing takes skill, and it takes a lot of time.

I’ll tell you some of the ways I think blogging can help your business, and offer you a professional blog writing service that takes some, or all, of the pressure off you.

Career boost

Are you looking to get a new job? Try for a promotion? Advertise your personal skills or simply stand out from the crowd?

I can use my skill at using words to sell and persuade to show the world that you have value. The best thing is, I believe you do, too! For an instant boost to your career and confidence, come and take a look at some of my professional profile and CV writing services.

clear and simple writing service

Is your business communicating as clearly as it could be? It’s easy to get caught up in jargon and over-stuffed details when all that’s needed is concise and targeted information.

If your written communication is resulting in a lot of head scratching, crossed-wires, and dissatisfied customers, then my ‘Clear and Simple’ service is for you.