My Fees

Charging fairly for my work is, hands down, the most challenging aspect of my business and I work hard to try and get it right.

Working with non-profit organisations, agencies, as well as small and large businesses, I’m used to being approached with a wide variety of budgets, so never feel I can use a ‘one size fits all’ measure.

My usual approach is to quote for work based on a fee-per-project basis. This allows me to take into account the amount of time I will need to give you, and charge a fair price based on that time.

The amount/cost of time a writing project will require depends on the type of work, its complexity, whether I’m writing words from scratch or editing existing content, how much independent research it will involve, and how quickly you’ll need it. If I have to work late at night to meet an urgent request, obviously it’s fair to charge more, whereas more flexible deadlines allow me to charge a little less.

It’s also worth remembering that copywriting doesn’t simply involve writing. I’ll need to factor in time to consult with you, provide guidance and some project management if needed, and also allow time for editing, proofreading and responding to your feedback.

The best thing you can do is provide the clearest brief you can. Tell me exactly what you need, why, when you need it, how you envision the finished piece, what you’d like to achieve – everything you can.

Once I’ve got a good sense of what’s involved, I can calculate a proposed fee using a competitive day rate as a starting point, in keeping with recommended rates for copywriters. The Professional Copywriter’s Network produces some excellent guidance on the rates you should expect professional writers to charge, which I very much encourage you to read before you make an enquiry.

I appreciate that not everyone has money to burn on copywriting. I want to make good writing accessible to as many people as possible. If you want to approach me with a┬árealistic, fair budget, I’m always happy to work together to find a way to balance expectations and limitations with your needs until we find a happy medium and a price you can afford. My list of delighted clients stands as a┬átestament to that.

I hope to hear from you soon.