My approach

It’s all very well having something important to say, but unless you can do it in a way that switches people on rather than turns them off, it’s not going to achieve very much.

Words, used well, have the power to do exciting things.

 I use words

Here’s how:


spiral-cropA focus on storytelling

We’re hard-wired to listen and respond to stories more than any other type of communication. We connect with them: they resonate with our histories and hopes, our fears and uncertainties, our compassion or our curiosity, even if only unconsciously. They manage to hit that human soft spot we all have.

Stories, our own and other people’s, are what makes us feel something.

That’s why I keep storytelling at the heart of everything I write, not cause it’s a trendy media buzzword, but because it works. It makes people respond, think, react. And reaction is what we’re looking for.

I don’t pretend it’s some magic formula you can apply to everything, but I understand how to put together content and narrative in ways that hook us all in.

It’s about honest, simple ways of talking about the world, people, situations, grounded in real experience.

I couple this with an ability to be able to pick out details, to hone in on those little touches that help something stand out or that push that sense of genuine connection.


spiral-cropA focus on positive change

At the heart of my business is a desire to make positive things happen. I want to make words do something good.

It’s my job to find new ways to tease out and use the stories and messages that run through the heart of what you do, to powerfully raise your profile and help your work to have a bigger impact. I want to help you inspire people to act in ways that benefit themselves and other people.

I’m proud to champion organisations that put people first, that are doing good things within their communities or being brave enough to try something new. It’s why I love working with charities, local businesses, creative agencies, social enterprise projects and new start-ups and why you’ll find most of my clients fall into one of those categories.


spiral-cropA focus on being someone worth your time

I like to live what I preach — just like my copy, if I’m not interesting, engaging and rewarding to have around, I’m not of much value either. And so I aim not just to be really good at what I do, but someone worth working with, someone who will make your life easier instead of harder and you’ll be glad to have met.

I work hard to ask the right questions, listen, respond positively to feedback and, above all, deliver what you need, and I do it with a patient, good-natured attitude that keeps ego out of the equation.


I’m always looking for new opportunities and new stories to tell. If you feel I’d be a good fit for your project or your organisation, I would love to hear from you.